Feature list of some Canon EOS cameras from late 1990s

I got interested in Canon EOS cameras in mid-1990s. Very little information about these (or any other) cameras was available on the early internet of the time, so I compiled this table, as well as the associated descriptions. Much better information became later available elsewhere on the web, including the Canon camera museum website.

This list was was last updated in mid-1999 with the Canon EOS cameras which were "current" at that time. Few film cameras were introduced after that, since the digital era was beginning. Comprehensive reviews of Canon digital cameras can be found at several sites across he web.

Note: EOS 3000 or EOS 88 were not sold in the U.S.A. (*) In the EOS 5, eye control works only for horizontal (landscape) camera orientation. In the EOS 50, it works for both horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait). (*) EX-series external flash is necessary for high-speed synchronization (*) PC terminal is for connecting external (studio) flash, not for a Personal Computer :-)

The following cameras have been left out of the table:

    • EOS 1N-RS - a variation of the EOS-1N with a fixed, semi-transparent mirror, which does not move during exposure. You lose some light as a result, but shooting at speeds up to 10 frames per second is possible. In a special "RS" mode, a 0.006 seconds time lag between pressing the button and release of the shutter is obtained. The weight and dimensions are also different from the EOS-1, the light meter is less sensitive, and one custom function is missing.

    • Date back versions of the 5000 (888), Rebel G and Elan II(e) are available. In Japan they are the only ones sold. In addition to date back, the 55 (Japanese version of Elan IIE/50E) also has a panorama adapter built-in.