Some photos scanned in 1990s

The early web in 1990 was mostly black-and-gray (default background color was gray, not white!) and there were few images. Color scanners were rare and I was lucky to get access to one probably in 1995. The images below were scanned from 10x15 cm paper prints. Color was adjusted with an early image-editing program, xv.

I had more pictures on-line earlier, but have now reduced the number to just a couple.

I have taken thousands of slides and negatives altogether, as well as tens of thousands of digital images since 2004 when I bought my first digicam, but I have never taken the trouble to share any of that with the world. Maybe one day...

Click on the pictures for a larger image.

Winter landscape near Tartu, Estonia

Oleviste church in Tallinn, Estonia

Giraffe grabbing a bisquit from the mouth of a Florida state park employee